Construction Cancel farmed Corinthian
Casino Porto Carras License (Chalkidiki)
Construction Hymettus ring road (Attiki Odos)
Cancel Tourist port Katapola Construction (Amorgos Island)
Merge Insurance Funds
Impediments - Incompatible Members
Legislative Status Diagnostic Centers
Ban on use of illegal evidence measures
Back Buyukada Orphanage in Economics. Patriarchate
school Parades
Conscientious Objectors rights
building demolition Cancel Kouremenos (D. Aeropagitou 17 Athens)
New uses neoclassical buildings (contribution Stadiou and Korai)

Royal Estate in Strasbourg
Permitted uses in the island Kyra Panagia (Sporades)
Delimitation of the National Park of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, and Helmos Vouraikos
Mount (Diamonitiria)
Special Framework of Spatial Planning for Tourism
Infection river Asopos (Viotia)
Delimitation and VIPE Thisvis function (Boiotia)
Enclosure of the Filopappos Hill (Acropolis - Athens)
New uses Olympic Properties
Cancel Diversion River Acheloos
Protecting aesthetic forest Kaisarianis
Compensation of properties in Zakynthos National Park
Compensation of properties in Korakovouni area - Cholargos Attica